Pastor Fillmore and Melissa                              Ryan and Natalie


                                                        Welcome to our fellowship


Pennsboro Baptist Church is a Christ Centered Church. We preach and teach the word of GOD. We are an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church. Because of our faith in God's preservation of His inspired Word we use the King James Bible exclusively. As a church with a more traditional style of music we still sing the great old traditional hymns of the faith.

Our congregation overflows with a warm and friendly atmosphere. We are willing to be a help and blessing to people who are in need in our church and our community. Our Pastor and our church congregation are excited about the blessings God has in store. We would like to invite you to visit with us. If you find us to be the kind of church you are looking for, we would love to invite you to become part of our ministry.



From the Pastor,

I am rejoicing that my Savior and God has divinely worked through good circumstances as well as trials and troubles to bring us here. At Pennsboro Baptist Church we have found our place of service. We have been given a ministry of serving the people of Pennsboro and the surrounding area. I moved here from Virginia with my family to become the Pastor of the Pennsboro Baptist Church and we are amazed at how God has been working. His hand has been evident in even the smallest of details. We welcome you and look forward to fellowshipping with you soon.


Pastor Jason Fillmore